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New Mexico Life and Health Pre-licensing

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New Mexico Life Pre-licensing

Online Course

New Mexico Health Pre-licensing

Online Course

New Mexico Property and Casualty Pre-licensing


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New Mexico State Insurance Licensing Requirements


The state of New Mexico has no formal pre-licensing education requirement however it is recommended as the prelicensing course is designed to prepare candidates for the State Licensing Examination.

Complete the prelicensing course.

  • Life Only
  • Accident & Health Only
  • Life, Accident & Health
  • Casualty Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Property and Casualty
  • Personal lines

Course requirements:

  • This is a forced progression (locked) state that requires the student to review each lesson and pass each of the chapter quiz before moving onto the next section/chapter.
  • Assessments on key topics throughout the course and must be successfully passed with a minimum score of 70% before moving onto the next chapter.

Schedule the New Mexico State examination.

Online proctored exams:

  • You must check the compatibility of your computer before registering for the exam.
  • If your computer is not compatible with the online software, you will need to schedule your examination at the Prometric test center.

Limitation on repeat examinations:

  • Candidates will have four attempts to pass an exam for a line of authority within a one-year period. After the fourth unsuccessful attempt, you will be placed into a waiting period and not be able to retake the exam until the six-month waiting period is over. NMSA 59A-11-6 (E)

Pass your state exam

  • Take advantage of the cram courses (Prep Review and Exam Simulator) within your prelicensing course during the waiting period.
    • Prep Review Course: This part of the training features content “boiled down to the essence” of the state exam. Chapters have only a few pages of material, but the content must be mastered to pass. Instructionally designed to teach individuals how to pass, most study effort should be invested here. Chapter exams are substantially larger (50+ questions), providing exposure to the types of questions seen on the state exam.
    • Exam Simulator: These special exams are designed to gauge content retention levels. Important: Only take the Exam Simulators after the Prep Review Course has been successfully completed. It ensures these questions will be “fresh in the mind”.
  • On the day of testing, you must present a valid government issued photo id.

Schedule your Fingerprint appointment:

Apply for license

  • Submit license application online through
  • Application fee $30 plus processing fee
  • If you answer “Yes” to a background question on the application, submit your written statement accompanied by corresponding court documents (printouts from a court’s web site are not acceptable) as part of your NIPR electronic license application using the Attachments Warehouse
  • • If you need to submit other additional documents as part of your NIPR electronic license application, use the Attachments Warehouse.
  • NIPR verifies exams prior to allowing submission of an application.

Prometric Exam Outlines

DESCRIPTION Question Count % of Exam Questions
Life Health L&H Life Health L&H
Life Insurance
Insurance Regulation 10 10 8 10% 10% 5%
General Insurance 10 10 8 10% 10% 5%
Life Insurance Basics 21 0 15 21% 0% 10%
Life Insurance Policies 19 0 16 19% 0% 11%
Life Insurance Policy Provisions, Options and Riders 21 0 18 21% 0% 12%
Annuities 14 0 11 14% 0% 7%
Federal Tax Considerations for Life Insurance and Annuities 4 0 4 4% 0% 3%
Qualified Plans 1 0 1 1% 0% 1%
Health Insurance
Health Insurance Basics 0 13 11 0% 13% 7%
Individual Health Insurance Policy General Provisions 0 12 11 0% 12% 7%
Disability Income and Related Insurance 0 9 8 0% 9% 5%
Medical Plans 0 15 14 0% 15% 9%
Group Health Insurance 0 13 9 0% 13% 6%
Dental Insurance 0 3 3 0% 3% 2%
Insurance for Senior Citizens and Special Needs Individuals 0 12 9 0% 12% 6%
Federal Tax Considerations for Health Insurance 0 3 4 0% 3% 3%
Total for all parts
Total Scored Questions on Exam 100 100 150 1 1 1
Maximum Time allowed to complete exam in minutes 120 120 150 120 120 150
Passing Score 70 70 70 70 70 70
DESCRIPTION Question Count % of Exam Questions
Casualty Property P&C Life Health P&C
Casualty | Property Insurance
Insurance Regulation 4 6 5 4% 6% 3%
General Insurance 8 13 11 8% 13% 7%
Casualty Insurance Basics 15 0 9 15% 0% 6%
Property Insurance Basics 0 18 10 0% 18% 7%
Dwelling Policy 0 7 7 0% 7% 5%
Homeowners Policy 16 22 26 16% 22% 17%
Auto Insurance 18 0 26 18% 0% 17%
Commercial Package Policy 15 18 24 15% 18% 16%
Businessowners Policy 10 10 13 10% 10% 9%
Workers Compensation Insurance 6 0 9 6% 0% 6%
Other Coverages and Options 8 6 10 8% 6% 7%
Total for all parts
Total Scored Questions on Exam 100 100 150 1 1 1
Maximum Time allowed to complete exam in minutes 120 120 150 120 120 150
Passing Score 70 70 70 70 70 70

Producer Licensing Checklist:

Task: Date Completed
1. Complete prelicensing course
2. Register for exam
3. Pass exam
4. Submit Fingerprints
5. Apply for License

Governing Agency

Name: New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance
Phone: 855-427-5674
Address: 1120 Paseo de Peralta, Suite 428 Sante Fe, NM 87501

Working as an Insurance Agent

Property and Casualty Insurance Agents

What can you expect working as an agent? Property and casualty insurance agents work with clients to help secure policies that protect people and businesses from financial loss.

For individuals many of these events include automobile accidents, fire, theft. For businesses these events can include the same as individuals but can also include workers’ compensation claims, product liability claims, or medical malpractice claims.

Life Insurance Agents

What can you expect from working as an Insurance agent? Life insurance agents work with clients to help secure policies that pay beneficiaries when a policyholder passes away. Life insurance agents also can help people prepare for retirement by offering certain types of annuities.

Health and long-term care insurance agents work with clients to help secure policies that cover the costs of medical care and assisted-living services. They also can help clients secure dental insurance and disability insurance.

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