Our Promise

We will teach you exactly what you will need to know to pass your state’s licensing exam. Our courses and test simulations are state and provider specific. We meet the needed regulations and topics and requirements that matter to you and nothing more. Allowing you to take and pass the exam as soon as your study is complete.

Proven Results

Our “Preparing People to Pass learning platform” gives students the ability to customize their learning path, allowing each student to grasp difficult concepts based on their individual needs.

We recognize that no two students are created equal and each of us has a learning style as unique as our own DNA. As a result, the instructional design of our learning objects and online courses focus on the researched based practice that everyone learns from different learning styles.

Extensive Research

Our curriculum-development team has years of experience in the fields of teaching, learning, research, assessment and content development. XCEL places an emphasis on psychometrics and research-based practices that foster and continuously improve rigorous assessments used to determine student outcomes. We conduct quality benchmarking through analytics and reporting, so students can receive real-time improvement feedback.

XCEL recognizes the fact that many of today’s students not only prefer to study and learn online but expect the content and delivery of their e-learning courses to be engaging, relevant, accessible and effective. Our robust Preparing People To Pass learning platform seamlessly unites a wide array of specific eLearning tools that range from eBooks, interactive learning objects, engaging videos, comprehensive assessments, mobile solutions and more. Each tool is strategically positioned in a comprehensive online course management system designed to improve the online learning processes and proven to enhance student outcomes.

Community Involvement

At XCEL, we believe an essential element of our corporate responsibility is to provide support to community-based organizations that improve the quality of life where our customers and people work and live. We are committed to giving back to our community and helping those in need.

Seamark Ranch

Seamark Ranch is a nurturing Christian home and family system that gives children from families in crisis the tools they need for a brighter future. Through a family home model, a specialized residential school and the lessons of life on a working farm community, Seamark Ranch provides the ideal setting for love, stabilization, healing, education and empowerment.

Do you know a child or a family in crisis? Seamark Ranch can help. Call their childcare office at (904) 529-1951 for more information.

Bright Holidays

Bright Holidays was founded to help underprivileged students and families in the greater Jacksonville, FL area during the holiday season. Bright Holidays operates on a seasonal basis, relying solely on volunteers and operates with no fixed expenses. Nearly 100% of donations go directly to benefit disadvantaged children and families.

Bright Holidays raises funds locally and works with school principals in the community to identify those in need of clothing, food, school supplies and other necessities.