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XCEL delivers the right information at the right time – and nothing more – to help your new hires pass the first time. Our Partner Solutions help you maximize new hire conversion rates and efficiently manage licensing and CE to accelerate your agency’s success.


Simplify pipeline management

Engage learners with their preferred study formats
Receive unique partner payment options

Discover the XCEL Difference

Clear Pipeline Management

Comprehensive tools and reporting give you a clear assessment of candidates’ progress. Easily manage your entire pipeline from your email or phone.

Study Tools That Engage

Students can choose the study options and formats that best fit their learning style, so they stay engaged and retaining the material.

Flexible Payment Options

By being a partner, you can choose the best payment option – bulk, subscription or pay-as-go – that fits your organization’s financial needs.

Streamline Training

XCEL makes it easy to manage and offer all insurance training, from Licensing to Continuing Education, so you can scale your field force and concentrate on business growth.

Proven Results

XCEL offers a unique three-step training program instructionally designed to prepare your candidates to pass the first time, by focusing only on the most relevant topics.​

First-Class Support

From onboarding to finding the right training for your recruits and tenured employees, our customer support representatives will help every step of the way.

Trusted By 1+ Million

XCEL is trusted by leading insurance organizations for their licensing education. Learn why they trust us.

“Improved pass rates across my entire team”

XCEL is a phenomenal company to work with! We love the course materials, layout, and the exceptional customer service they provide. Our company passing rates have dramatically improved since changing over to XCEL. We cannot thank them enough for all they do!!

Amanda B.

“You will be prepared!”

XCEL has improved the pass rates of our candidates significantly! As a manager, I enjoy receiving daily emails with status updates on how our new hires are progressing in their studies. It allows me to stay up to date and gives me the ability to reach out if there are any concerns.

Kristen D.