How to Become an Insurance Agent Playbook

How to be a Successful Insurance Agent

How to be Successful in Insurance Sales

The XCEL Insurance Playbook aims to close the gap between the dream job you have always imagined and the success of making it a reality. In it, XCEL includes stories of overcoming challenges and practical examples to show a day in the life of an insurance agent, using examples from real-life professionals. It’s a combination of inspirational and practical insights including:

  • What it takes to become a successful agent
  • What it’s really like to work in the Insurance industry
  • Real-life examples of ‘plays’ such as how to maintain a disciplined training practice and what a sample work schedule looks like
  • Compelling stories of success and overcoming challenges in the industry from real life professionals

This Playbook can help you close the gap between your dream job and the success of making it a reality! Download your copy today!

The Insurance Playbook

Successful Insurance Agents Story

“Studying for a new career can be overwhelming but this material is well put together and easily explained.”

Mississippi Life and Health

“I have used XCEL twice now to help me prep for my Arizona licensing exams and I passed both with flying colors! If you put the time in and follow the suggested three-step process and study calendar, you will be prepared!”

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