Property and Casualty License Exam Course

Pass Your Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam The First Time​

XCEL features a blended learning path to meet the needs of every learning style with our Property & Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses . Our 3-Part Training Program helps you pass your exam the first time.​


Why Choose XCEL for Your Property and Casualty Exam Prep?

Proven 3-Part System​

XCEL offers a unique three-step training program instructionally designed to prepare students to pass the first time. This one-of-a-kind three-step approach leverages our basic human instinct to quickly fulfill requirements, prep for the upcoming exam, and memorize what matters.​

Trusted to Pass​

At the end of the day, it’s all about pass rates. Our courses are designed using your state’s published exam content outlines. We offer a streamlined approach to passing tests on the first attempt by teaching students to focus only on the most relevant curriculum.

Variety of Study Options​

Our study tools are carefully designed to address every learning style and includes E-books, videos, simulator exams, flashcards, review notes, and the best live classes in the industry.

What to Expect From XCEL’s Property and Casualty Insurance Pre-Licensing Course Bundle ​

XCEL is the nation’s most trusted provider of insurance exam prep solutions. Students can become licensed in just a few weeks by enrolling in our pre-licensing course bundle and following our proven, three-step training process.

Flexibility to study when and where you want​

The most up-to-date, compliant and relevant insurance topics​
Includes national and state-specific insurance topics​
Affordable bundled pricing starting at $199*​
Automated certification reporting to your state​
No hidden fees
Knowledgeable instructors with real world experience​
Bundled, worry-free state packages available​
Quick, streamlined and efficient courses​
Unlimited exam retakes​
Easy to order and easy to complete​

Personal Line Courses are available​

Over 800 practice exam questions​
Printable state specific Review Notes (applicable states only)

Prepare for Your P&C License With XCEL

Online Self-Study Insurance Courses

  • Study on your own time and on any device​
  • Move at your own pace to complete course work by the designated expiration date​
  • Utilize our vast library of online resources and study tools, including cliff notes and videos​

Instructor-Led Insurance Licensing Courses​

  • Enjoy the structure of a classroom setting at one of our facilities or from the comfort of your home via livestream​
  • Learn from our top-notch instructors and subject matter experts, live and in real time

Every Pre-Licensing Course Bundle Includes XCEL’s Proven Three-Part System​

XCEL offers a unique three-step training program that leverages our basic human instinct to quickly fulfill requirements while prepping for the upcoming exam and memorizing what matters. Part 2 and 3 can only be unlocked by successfully completing Part 1.​

Part 1

Pre-Licensing Course

Our course satisfies all state pre-licensing education requirements and provides a solid foundation for preparing to pass your exam. It contains keywords, streamlined content, bite-size intro/summary videos, review notes, and shallow chapter exams. But the best is yet to come!​

Part 2

Prep Review Course

Upon completion of Part 1, you gain access to the Prep Review Course (Part 2) and Exam Simulator (Part 3) – the sections we hear students value the most. XCEL’s Prep Review Course scales down content to focus solely on the most important material with weighted chapters identical to the state exam. ​

Part 3

Exam Simulators

There are three exam simulators. Each simulator is weighted by topic to match the state exam, allows for unlimited retakes, and can only be unlocked by completing the previous exam. We recommend completing these the 24 hours before your state exam to keep the information in the front of your mind.​

Additional Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing Exam Prep

XCEL provides you with a mobile-friendly, interactive toolbox of online study aids, review tools, and comprehensive knowledge assessments to approach your exam with confidence and proficiency. The following are additional Property and Casualty Insurance Study Tools to help you prep for your upcoming exam.​

Exam Review

Our instructors will walk you through the critical topics and difficult concepts to ensure you pass.


Test your knowledge on fundamental terms & help reinforce important principles and key topics.​

Interested In Bulk Pricing For Your Company?​

Learn more about becoming an XCEL Partner and see if you qualify for additional discounts.

P&C License Exam FAQ

What can you expect working as a P&C agent?
As a licensed insurance professional, Property and casualty insurance agents work with clients to help secure policies that protect people and businesses from financial loss. For individuals many of these events include automobile accidents, fire, theft. For businesses these events can include the same as individuals but can also include workers’ compensation claims, product liability claims, or medical malpractice claims.​

Qualified insurance agents are in high demand. In fact, it is expected to grow by 6% through 2031 (​
How do I prepare for a Property and Casualty Insurance Exam?

You’ve already decided on wanting to sell Property and Casualty Insurance and understand the general requirements for your state, now you need to prepare for your licensing exam!​

  1. Enroll and take XCEL’s Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Course Bundle– This includes completing the entire 3-part system that is proven to help you pass your exam on the first try​
  2. Decide if you need additional study tools – XCEL offers flashcards and even a 2-day comprehensive livestream exam review​
  3. Schedule and take your state’s exam – now that you’ve finished your 3-part pre-licensing bundle, we’ve automatically sent your pre-licensing certificate to your state (if applicable).​
What are the requirements for the P&C Exam?

​We know it can be a headache to try to figure out state requirements. That is why we’ve put together a State Guideline Resource where you can quickly find the requirements for each state in an easy-to-understand PDF. ​Simply navigate to our page. Please note: although every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of this information, recent changes in laws and procedures may not yet be reflected in these documents. ​

What topics are covered on the Property and Casualty License Exam?

Topics vary by line of authority and state requirements. Some topics that may be included in our Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Courses are principles of the insurance industry, general insurance concepts, property insurance basics, property policy provisions, property dwelling, homeowner and auto policies, casualty insurance basics, casualty policy provisions, casualty homeowners and automobile policies, casualty commercial policies and more. For specific topics covered in your state, navigate to your specific state’s course and click on the View Study Guide link. ​

How much does the P&C Insurance Exam cost?

The state licensing exam cost varies by state and is not included in your XCEL course price. State licensing exams can range from $40-$150.​

Once in your XCEL course dashboard, you will be able to get a direct link to schedule your state exam through one of the 4 national testing providers, such as Pearson Vue, Prometric, PSI and state independent. ​