Top Apps For Insurance Agents

Did you realize that there are over 500,000 insurance agents in the United States?

If you make a living as an insurance agent, you will have to work on setting yourself apart from the competition. Utilizing the power of technology is a great way to increase your productivity and the level of customer service you offer.

Are you looking for apps to help you in your career as an insurance agent? If so, check out this list of helpful programs you should be using.

The Power of HiHello

Do you find yourself coming home each day with a pocket full of business cards? Rather than letting these cards get tossed in the trash, you can use the HiHello app to turn them into address book contacts on your phone.

Once you download the app, all you have to do is take a picture of the business card. The information on the business card is then uploaded to your phone and stored as a new contact. Having success in the insurance sales industry is all about building relationships. With this app, storing useful information about prospective clients will be a breeze.

Make the Most of Your Time with GoToMeeting

For most insurance agents, meetings are something they attend on a regular basis. Are you looking for a way to easily schedule or even host meetings from your phone? The GoToMeeting app allows you to invite guests to a meeting via email or text.

This app also allows you to engage in video chats. If you want to provide a client with a personalized consultation, this app is just what you need. You can also use this app to consult with other insurance agents within your company.

Get Helpful Information with the Kelly Blue Book App

Providing current and prospective clients with accurate car insurance quotes is no easy task. You can take the guesswork out of the car insurance quote process by downloading the Kelley Blue Book app.

With this app, you can find out the value of any car on the market. This information is especially helpful when attempting to provide a client with information on how much insurance coverage they need on their vehicle. You can also check out the safety features a vehicle has, which allows you to find additional policy discounts for your clients.

SignNow Streamlines the Sales Process with E-Signatures

If you need a client to sign off on their policy, SignNow is a great app to have. You can email the paperwork to your client and they can use this app to sign it and send it back.

Having to print, sign and scan a document can be very time-consuming. Instead of putting undue stress on your clients, you can help them by using this technologically-advanced app.

Easily Manage Client Information with QQCatalyst

Are you looking for a total agency management solution? With QQCatalyst, you can easily manage things like client records and policies from anywhere. This web-based app allows you to get the information you need while out in the field.

You can use this on tablets, computers, and smartphones. The “Stack” feature built into this app allows you to save your work and resume it on another device if needed.

Utilizing these apps, and streamlining your work, means you serve your current clients to the fullest. It also means you have more free time to attract new customers.

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