Why Would I Want An Insurance Career?

Before you start a career in any field, it’s important to find out all the major details you could face and should know. While you’ll learn a lot hands-on, a little bit of research can go a long way in preparing you for the perks and challenges of a particular career.


One of the great things about the insurance industry is that you don’t have to have a specific educational background or set of work experiences. Insurance is all around us and touches virtually everything we do in life and in business! While there are many insurance programs, certifications and specializations that can offer you a distinct advantage, you can begin your great career in insurance without necessarily having a background or any experience in the insurance business.

Many top insurance companies look for a potential hire based on their knowledge, skills and previous work experience as it relates to their current needs. Since insurance is involved in so many different aspects of our lives, that previous knowledge and experience can come from many different areas: cars, business, medical terminology, the law and retail experience are all excellent examples.

Employers in insurance recognize that some additional training and education is required to ensure you can excel in your insurance career and to round out your knowledge – often, the cost for this training will be picked up by your employer. Insurance is also interesting from a demographic perspective! 63% of industry professionals are women and 14% identify as a visible minority.

No time clock needs to be punched

Many people see insurance as a 9 – 5 desk job that involves working alone or tethered to a phone. In fact, it is just the opposite!  With the technology of today, the business revolves around the needs of the client and the flexible work schedules those needs require.

While many roles do have an element of independence, an insurance career often calls for frequent client interaction, teamwork, networking and community involvement.

These activities not only provide variety they also provide a well-rounded set of experiences that can help you find a role or set of responsibilities that match how you like to work.

Many branches to the career tree

Besides a range of different responsibilities, opportunities for career specialization abound in insurance.

Whether you are a number cruncher, like working with people, can spot trouble before it happens or enjoy research and analysis, there is likely a role for you. These positions include developing strategies and putting policies into place for your clients, understanding the goals and risk tolerance of your clients and being an independent and collaborative worker to meet personal and team goals.

Since the insurance industry welcomes candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, there’s a heavy emphasis on training and development, both in the initial training and continual learning.

Career development programs and trainee programs are in place for new hires. These training programs are designed to get you up to speed, whether you’re taking your first step in the industry or moving into a more senior role.  You are not alone at any point in your insurance career. Even if you aren’t sure where your interests lie just yet, it’s great to know that you can specialize in your chosen field!

A new career in 30 days or less!

Obtaining an insurance license is not only a major door opener in the job process but also makes the candidate a more marketable commodity within the industry. Licensing is available in Life and Annuities, Accident and Health, Property and Casualty and Personal Lines insurance. Investment and Securities licenses, Series 6 and 7, expand the capabilities of the person in the finance industry.

Xcel offers the pre-licensing education requirements plus study tools for exam preparation for these various licenses with most courses designed to be completed within one week!  A candidate could prepare, study, pass the exam, and be licensed in less than 30 days and be on their way to securing a position in this growing industry.

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